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Sea Drops Jewellery

Whale Shark Dreaming Round Earrings Silver Wires

Whale Shark Dreaming Round Earrings Silver Wires

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Size: Length 46mm, Width 18mm

Material: 925 Sterling Silver earring wires, Size: 28x16mm (LxW), Wire thickness 0.8mm, stainless steel bezels with domed glass 16mm round.

Inspired by the limited edition print titled Whale Shark taken by my husband underwater photographer Glen Cowans

Whale Shark
Carefully entering the water and making as little splash as possible, I looked around for the whale shark we had seen from the boat. I spied it in the distance and then it turned and started swimming in my direction. This shot was taken just as it passed by. The wide-angle lens fails to show that it was so close I could easily have reached out and touched it. Seven metres long, it was perfect except for a small scar on its back, possibly from a boat or fishing rope.

Every earring is hand-created at our gallery and so some slight variations in composition may occur.

Earrings are water resistant but not completely waterproof, we recommend to remove before showing or bathing.


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