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and the best gift for ocean lovers!


Louise's love and passion for the underwater world began in 1994, when she learnt to scuba dive with her husband Glen. Together they travelled and explored the beautiful ocean reefs of the world and began documenting the beauty of the marine world, Louise with videography and Glen with his photography.

In 2005 was the year that became the turning point in their life after successfully exhibiting Glen's underwater photography in a multitude of exhibitions, and then in 2010 they made a brave move and opened their very own gallery showcasing all of their own work and has now became an iconic and successful gallery in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Louise became captivated with the concept of creating wearable art from Glen's images and soon the “Sea Drops” jewellery was born in 2016 becoming one of the most successful concepts created at the gallery.

Now Louise brings you her most popular favourite pieces here in her own online store.

The domed crystalline-clear glass creates a wonderful three dimensional effect bringing the subjects to life as clear as if they have been captured within the glass itself.

Sea Drops handmade jewellery make the perfect gift just to spoil yourself or for the Ocean lover in your life.