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Sea Drops Jewellery

IndigoSand Tear Drop Earrings Stainless Steel Hooks

IndigoSand Tear Drop Earrings Stainless Steel Hooks

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Size: Length 43mm, Width 14mm

Materials: Stainless steel ear hooks, stainless steel bezels 14x18mm with domed glass.

Inspired by the limited edition print titled IndigoSea taken by my husband underwater photographer Glen Cowans

The sun has not yet risen into the sky and a wonderful dawn-light prevails. A shallow sandbar rises from deep ocean within a sea so crystalline that distance or depth reveals a magnificent indigo blue. Tiny fish hover in the distance and the water is almost body temperature as you fly through it in easy fin kicks. The gentle water movement creates a ripple texture in the clean white sand.

Every earring is hand-created at our gallery and so some slight variations in composition may occur.

Earrings are water resistant but not completely waterproof, we recommend to remove before showing or bathing.

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